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Animals Modify for Winter
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:02:31

A more ingenious strategy for winter survival is the heat exchange system used by various mammals and birds that have large tails or legs exposed to frigid water. In lakes and ponds, aquatic life shifts into winter mode often long before the onset of winter.

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Mammals -- Wintering
Water birds -- Wintering
Turtles -- Hibernation

Passamaquoddy Tribal Protests
Maine State Archives, Text

Two protests from the Passamaquoddy Tribe disavowing the treaty signed for them by Sabbatis Neptune regarding the alliance with the Penobscots and Malacites and pledging allegiance to the British Government in New Brunswick.

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Indians of North America Treaties
Conflict-Stability: control of Maine, land disputes, French-English-Indians
Indians -- cultural relationships, traditions, adaptations
Indians -- Politics
Native Americans
Land Disputes

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Humans in Winter
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:04:32

Compared to plants and animals, humans seem to be the least tolerant of long winters and cold temperatures. The most effective natural mechanism we have for minimizing heat loss is constriction of the blood vessels close to the surface of our skin, and we’re a little better than most organisms at generating heat.

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Humans -- Winter

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Fishing Stations
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:00:50

In the late 1500s, English merchants began to set up seasonal fishing stations in Maine.

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Seasonal fishing stations

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Crime & Punishment
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:34

With the problems of a growing population, Maine’s first jail was built in York in 1653. While local crimes were handled by local magistrates, conflicts about trade, or issues involving the French or Native Americans, were addressed by the new government in Boston.

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Crime and punishment -- Settlements
Jails -- Settlements
Frontier and pioneer life

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Colonial Medicine
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:00:54

For settlers, women were very often the ones who were in control of medicine. One of the most important roles women played was in midwifery because bearing children was by far the most dangerous thing that could happen to a woman at that time.

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Medicine -- Women -- Settlements

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Frogs and Insects in Winter
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:04:26

The strategy of insects is to be as cold as possible in the winter so as to conserve their energy supplies. A number of species of frogs hibernate in the upland in order to survive the winter.

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Wood Frog
Frogs -- Hibernation
Insects -- Winter

Webb family reminiscences about Samuel Webb, 1696-1785
Maine Historical Society, Text

Historical reminiscences by Seth Webb about Samuel Webb of Redrift, England, a captain of a slave ship who was poisoned by African natives and whose son, Samuel, made his escape back to England and then ran away to America, was captured by pirates, and eventually moved to the Maine frontier during King George's War.

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Slave ships
Slavery -- Africa
Slavery -- England
Webb family
Webb, Margaret
Webb, Samuel
Webb, Samuel, 1696-1785
Webb, Seth -- Personal narratives
Webb, Susanna
Yucatan (Ship)
Yucatan (Slaver)

John Dunn's Moosehead Lake 1889 diary
Maine Historical Society, Text

This is a diary kept by John W.G. Dunn about his hunting and fishing trip in the Moosehead Lake area from August through September 1889. His guides were Henry Tremblay and John F. Hildreth.

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Dunn, John W.G.
Dunn, John W.G.(1869-1941) -- Diaries
Fishing -- Maine -- Diaries
Hildreth, John F.
Hunting -- Maine -- Diaries
Moosehead Lake (Me.) -- Diaries
Tremblay Henry

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Fish in Winter
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:00:36

A large number of the marine species off the northern New England coast, including Atlantic cod and winter flounder, produce anti-freeze proteins to lower the freezing point of their body fluids in order to survive the winter.

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Atlantic Cod
Fish -- Wintering

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