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A Love for the Land
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:25:36

The legacy of Maine's farmers is the open farmland they shaped from the wooded rocky terrain. Their story is an inspiring tale of hardship, innovation, and remarkable endurance. As agriculture heads into the next century, "HOME" looks back at the last century of farming in Maine.

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Agricultural resources -- Maine
Natural resources -- Maine
Maine -- Social life and customs
Maine -- History
Agriculture -- Maine
Farm life-- History

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Trails, Rails, and Roads
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 00:28:01

The story of transportation in Maine is the story of the state's ongoing challenge to keep its people connected both to economic markets and to each other. Whether it's Route 113 in western Maine, US Route 1 meandering up the coast, or the once plentiful rail routes that joined every corner of the state, Maine's communities have been formed by the patterns of transportation.

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The Nation's Playground
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 00:28:01

With its remarkable coastline, deep-green forest, and rolling landscape, Maine has been a favorite place for visitors for over a century. During the late 1800s, trains and steamboats brought visitors to every corner of the state. Over the last century, tourism has grown into Maine’s largest industry.

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Tourism -- Maine -- History

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Power Lines
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:26:46

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Hydroelectric power plants
Water Power

1847 agreement for ship building between James L. Todd and John Smith
Maine Historical Society, Text

Agreement between James L. Todd of Phippsburg with John Smith to build a ship. The names on the contract were changed on April 4, 1848.

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Moody, William O.
Shipbuilding -- Maine
Shipbuilding -- Maine -- Phippsburg
Smith, Jacob
Smith, John
Todd, James L.

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Climate Change: In Our Backyard
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:56:45

Using close-to-home examples, the views of leading scientists come alive as they show how climate change can affect almost every aspect of our lives - and in turn, how we affect the climate.

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Climatic changes

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A Place Apart
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 00:27:01

Maine is a place apart from the mainstream of American society. Beginning early in Maine’s history, settlers, merchants, visitors, artists, and writers brought images of Maine to the rest of the world that shaped the State's economy, identity, and heritage. The history behind the image of Maine remains a vital part of how we and those from away view Maine today.

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Maine heritage
European settlement
History - Colonial Period

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MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 00:58:03

Because spring comes so late to northern New England, things have to happen quickly and profusely. Spring is the time of year that wildlife and plants come to life again and get right to the business of creating new life.

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Spring -- New England
Seasons -- New England
Natural history -- New England

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The Mid West Loses Population
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:00

Maine farming was always adaptive. The Great Plains are facing standard problems of a declining agricultural economy. Just like Maine, the Great Plains are finding solutions in adaptation and diversification.

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Agriculture -- Great Plains
Farmland -- Maine
Land use, Rural -- Maine

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Farming Is Important to Maine Economy
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:21

Farming contributes a lot to the three-billion-dollar tourism industry of Maine.

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Agriculture -- Maine
Farmers -- Maine

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