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My Debt to Maine by Theodore Roosevelt
Maine Historical Society, Text

Theodore Roosevelt describes his visits to Island Falls, Maine in Aroostook County when he was a boy and the Sewall family with whom he stayed. The essay goes on to describe his home, the Elkhorn, where he invited the Sewalls and the Dows of Island Falls to visit and hunt with him.

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Dow family (Island Falls, Me.)
Dow, Wilmot
Elkhorn (house)
Hunting -- Maine -- Island Falls
Katahdin (Mt.)
Lumbering industry -- Maine
Presidents -- United States -- Personal narratives
Roosevelt, Theodore
Sewall family (Island Falls, Me.)
Sewall, Bill
Sewall, Dave
Winter -- Maine -- Island Falls
Winter camping

John Dunn's Moosehead Lake 1889 diary
Maine Historical Society, Text

This is a diary kept by John W.G. Dunn about his hunting and fishing trip in the Moosehead Lake area from August through September 1889. His guides were Henry Tremblay and John F. Hildreth.

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Dunn, John W.G.
Dunn, John W.G.(1869-1941) -- Diaries
Fishing -- Maine -- Diaries
Hildreth, John F.
Hunting -- Maine -- Diaries
Moosehead Lake (Me.) -- Diaries
Tremblay Henry

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The Mid West Loses Population
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:00

Maine farming was always adaptive. The Great Plains are facing standard problems of a declining agricultural economy. Just like Maine, the Great Plains are finding solutions in adaptation and diversification.

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Agriculture -- Great Plains
Farmland -- Maine
Land use, Rural -- Maine

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Agricultural Institutions-The Grange
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:02:34

To bring information better to farmers, the agricultural newspaper, the Maine Farmer was launched in 1833, and the Maine Board of Agriculture and the Maine State College of Agriculture and the Mechanical Arts were established. In 1873, the Maine State Grange formed in Lewiston and acted almost as a union for farmers.

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Maine Department of Agriculture
Maine State Grange
University of Maine at Orono

History of Penobscot Indians
Fogler Special Collections, Text

Account of the "History of Penobscot Indians" by Florence Nicola Shay

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Native Americans -- History
Penobscot Indian Nation
Penobscot Tribe

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The Farmers Who Stayed
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:03:21

The farmers who stayed tended to consolidate the abandoned lands into larger farms. They learned to use the farms more effectively as they found market niches in hay, blueberries, Macintosh apples, sweet corns and potato.

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Eggs -- Maine
Potatoes -- Maine
Sweet corn -- Maine

Edwin H. Eddy's recollection of his visit to a logging camp, 1880
Maine Historical Society, Text

Recollections of Edwin H. Eddy's visit to a logging camp near Moosehead Lake in 1880.

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Cutler, Thatcher & Company
Eddy, Edwin H.
Eddy, Edwin H. -- Personal narratives
Eddy, Johnathan
Lumber trade -- Maine
Lumbering -- Maine
Lumbermen -- Maine
Moosehead Lake -- History

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Intro - A Love for the Land
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:12

For generations, Mainers have tilled the rocky soil until it bloomed, survived changes in technology, adapted to the weather, and etched the State’s unique identity into the landscape.

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1826 Survey by Joseph Norris
Maine State Archives, Text

1826 Survey by Joseph Norris, referring to the hardships endured by them and commenting on Capt. Francis, their Indian guide.

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Environment: Fur trade, survival, industrial development, forest, conservation
Exploration and discovery
Guides & scouts
Indians -- cultural relationships, traditions, adaptations

Native American Tales Told by Walter Ranco
Maine Folklife Center, Sound

Origin Stories of Animals and Corn told by Walter Ranco of the Penobscot Nation to Samuel Cutler.

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Native Americans
Penobscot Indian Nation
Penobscot Tribe

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