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Agreement between Maine and Massachusetts
Maine State Archives, Text

Agreement between Maine and Massachusetts adjusting the personal concerns between the two states after separation; also mentions Penobscot Tribe.

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Indians of North America
Conflict-Stability: control of Maine, land disputes, French-English-Indians
Indians -- land rights
Native Americans
Land Disputes

Vessel Valuation
Maine State Archives, Text

Valuation of vessels homeported in Islesboro, 1859.

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Geography: transportation, waterways, maritime, shipbuilding, fishing

Plan of rivers of Saco and Kennebunk with sea coasts between them, 1731, Map #75
Maine Historical Society, Map

This early manuscript map shows a mill and river features along the Saco and Kennebunk rivers. Scale [1:63360] 1 inch = 1 mile. This map is part of the Pejepscot Proprietors' records. Map # 75 probably assigned later by John McKeen, Clerk to the Company. Early maps of the region now known as Maine often showed the location of mills. Mills which ground flour, or sawmills which processed building materials were the first industries to be established in these wilderness areas. Showing features of rivers was also important because people at that time travelled by river more than is done today.

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Kennebunk River (Me.) -- Maps
Maine -- History -- Colonial period ca. 1600-1775 -- Maps, Manuscript
Pejepscot Proprietors -- Maps, Manuscript -- Early works to 1800
Saco River (Me.) -- Maps
History - Colonial Period

Moving Image
Native vs European Fishing
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:01:07

There's a huge difference between the native impact and that of European settlers because the Europeans weren’t just fishing for themselves. They began taking away fish to supply the world.

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Ecosystem health
Marine ecology
Fishery resources.
Fishery management.

Kluskap Carried Across the Water by a Giant Whale
Fogler Special Collections, Text

Story, "Kluskap Carried Across the Water by a Giant Whale," told by Lewey Mitchell of the Passamaquoddy tribe.

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Native Americans
Native Americans
Passamaquoddy Indians
Passamaquoddy Tribe

Moving Image
First Permanent Settlements
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:38

In 1639, Sir Ferdinando Gorges became Maine’s proprietor, in charge of distributing land to settlers. Because there were few roads, the settlements stretched along the coastline.

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Sir Ferdinando Gorges
Maine -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775

My Debt to Maine by Theodore Roosevelt
Maine Historical Society, Text

Theodore Roosevelt describes his visits to Island Falls, Maine in Aroostook County when he was a boy and the Sewall family with whom he stayed. The essay goes on to describe his home, the Elkhorn, where he invited the Sewalls and the Dows of Island Falls to visit and hunt with him.

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Dow family (Island Falls, Me.)
Dow, Wilmot
Elkhorn (house)
Hunting -- Maine -- Island Falls
Katahdin (Mt.)
Lumbering industry -- Maine
Presidents -- United States -- Personal narratives
Roosevelt, Theodore
Sewall family (Island Falls, Me.)
Sewall, Bill
Sewall, Dave
Winter -- Maine -- Island Falls
Winter camping

Moving Image
The planned fort at Castine
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:04

To protect the Loyalists, the British sent 700 troops and 3 Sloops of War to establish a Loyalist Colony and build a fort at present-day Castine. The Americans in Boston quickly discovered the plan, and requisition transports, privateers, and warships tried to stop the establishment of this new British colony.

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Penobscot Expedition, 1779
United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783
History - Revolutionary War

Trip from Damariscotta Mills to Madawaska
Maine State Archives, Text

Pages from a journal regarding a trip from Damarariscotta Mills to Madawaska, mentioning the terrain, French settlers living along the route and their churches, Indians found living there, and conflict with representatives of the British Gov't in N.B.

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Conflict-Stability: control of Maine, land disputes, French-English-Indians
Native Americans
Land Disputes

Entries from the log book of the Schooner Emerald, 1859
Maine Historical Society, Text

Captain Parsons, of Biddeford, Maine, kept this journal recording the 1859 fishing season for the schooner Emerald. The Emerald sailed out of Wood Island Harbor in Biddeford, fishing for cod and other groundfish. The journal details the day-to-day activiities of the vessel, including the landing and dressing of fish, the need to repair nets and gear, and sightings of sharks and whales.

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Emerald (Ship)
Log books -- 19th century -- United States -- Maine
Log Books -- Maine
Ships logs

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