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Edwin H. Eddy's recollection of his visit to a logging camp, 1880
Maine Historical Society, Text

Recollections of Edwin H. Eddy's visit to a logging camp near Moosehead Lake in 1880.

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Cutler, Thatcher & Company
Eddy, Edwin H.
Eddy, Edwin H. -- Personal narratives
Eddy, Johnathan
Lumber trade -- Maine
Lumbering -- Maine
Lumbermen -- Maine
Moosehead Lake -- History

Still Image
The Chemistry of Snow Crystals
MPBN: Quest Series, Still Image, 0:03:04

The shape and chemistry of a snow crystal often changes within a few hours of falling to the ground. Pukak is depth hoar. Surface hoar is a feathery type snow crystal that grows on top of snow.

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Depth hoar
Surface Hoar

Passamaquoddy Indian Agent Report
Maine State Archives, Text

Report on the Pleasant Point reservation discussing the school, farming and the outbreak of smallpox.

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Indians of North America
External Forces: economic, demographic, technology, disease, wars
Indians -- cultural relationships, traditions, adaptations
Indians -- Education
Native Americans

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Animation: Ocean Circulation Conveyor Belt Helps Balance Climate
Science, Moving Image

As part of the ocean conveyor belt, warm water from the tropical Atlantic moves poleward near the surface where it gives up some of its heat to the atmosphere. This process partially moderates the cold temperatures at higher latitudes. As the warm water gives up its heat, it becomes more dense and sinks.

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Atlantic Ocean Circulation

Moving Image
Animals Modify for Winter
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:02:31

A more ingenious strategy for winter survival is the heat exchange system used by various mammals and birds that have large tails or legs exposed to frigid water. In lakes and ponds, aquatic life shifts into winter mode often long before the onset of winter.

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Mammals -- Wintering
Water birds -- Wintering
Turtles -- Hibernation

Research and Innovations of the American Red Cross Blood Services, New England
Science, Text

Extensive reports and information about current research in blood types, disease, as well as basic facts regarding blood donations across Maine.

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Moving Image
Snow Crystal vs Snow Flake
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:02:00

The six-sided beautifully intricate structure is a snow crystal not a snow flake. A snowflake is an aggregate of snow crystals.

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Snow Crystal

The Boy Who Lived with the Bears
Fogler Special Collections, Text

Story, "The Boy Who Lived with the Bears," as told by Sebbattis Joseph Mitchell to Manly Hardy.

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Native Americans
Passamaquoddy Indians
Passamaquoddy Tribe

Moving Image
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 00:58:03

Our bodies are constantly monitoring, balancing and adapting to the outside environment through a process called “homeostasis.” We journey to the limits of human endurance as New England scientists and survivors examine how the body attempts to maintain its steady state at high mountain altitudes, in extreme cold and heat and even in outer space.

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Human endurance

The Corn and Tobacco Mother
Maine Folklife Center, Text

Traditional Penobscot tale, "The Corn and Tobacco Mother", written by Molly Spotted Elk and included in her manuscript, Katahdin Wigwam's Tales.

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Native Americans
Penobscot Indian Nation
Penobscot Tribe

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