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Maine Aquaculture Hearing
Science, Sound

Several files with questions and discussions from aquaculture hearing, Feb. 19, 2004 E.g., Paul Anderson of Maine SeaGrant describes the upcoming 2004 Maine Fishermen's Forum; Maine Aquaculture Task Force chair Paul Anderson summarizes the findings of the Task Force.

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A Love for the Land
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:25:36

The legacy of Maine's farmers is the open farmland they shaped from the wooded rocky terrain. Their story is an inspiring tale of hardship, innovation, and remarkable endurance. As agriculture heads into the next century, "HOME" looks back at the last century of farming in Maine.

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Agricultural resources -- Maine
Natural resources -- Maine
Maine -- Social life and customs
Maine -- History
Agriculture -- Maine
Farm life-- History

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Climate Change: In Our Backyard
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:56:45

Using close-to-home examples, the views of leading scientists come alive as they show how climate change can affect almost every aspect of our lives - and in turn, how we affect the climate.

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Climatic changes

View Downeast Salmon Federation
Science, Text

A website aims to conserve wild Atlantic salmon and its habitat, restore

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Atlantic salmon
Environmental Sciences
Fish habitat improvement
Stream conservation -- Environmental aspects

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MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 00:58:03

As human activity silently globalizes our world, our modern day ecology is under onslaught from spreading alien organisms. These plants and animals are capable of moving aggressively into a habitat and monopolizing resources to the detriment of other species. Can scientists help us win the war against this bio-invasion?

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Invasive species

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The Nation's Playground
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 00:28:01

With its remarkable coastline, deep-green forest, and rolling landscape, Maine has been a favorite place for visitors for over a century. During the late 1800s, trains and steamboats brought visitors to every corner of the state. Over the last century, tourism has grown into Maine’s largest industry.

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Tourism -- Maine -- History

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MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:56:43

For those plants and animals that don't migrate south for winter, a lot of preparation goes into getting ready for winter. When it comes to dealing with winter, plants and animals know things we humans don't.

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Winter -- New England
Seasons -- New England
Natural history -- New England

Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Science, Text

Educational site devoted to the Gulf of Maine and its environment, aquaculture, and protection with education resources for teachers and students.

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People of the dawn
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:26:37

The first and longest lasting period of Maine’s history is the world of the Native American, stretching from the retreat of the last Ice Age, 12,000 years to the present. People of the Dawn tells the story of the dynamic people who’ve inhabited the landscape of Maine.

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Native Americans
Canoes and canoeing
Maliseet Tribe
Micmac Tribe
Penobscot Tribe
Passamaquoddy Tribe
Wabanaki Tribe

Maine Department of Marine Resources
Science, Text

A resourceful database of various Maine Marine resources including aquaculture, fishing laws and regulations, environmental data, lobster fisheries, etc.

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Marine resources

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