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Home Service Department
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:01:30

Promoting electricity became a regular part of doing business for the utilities as well. One of the departments of the company was called the Home Service Department.

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Cooperative Extension Service -- University of Maine
Electronic apparatus and appliances

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Obese Children
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:05:19

As bad as we are doing right now as adults in adopting a diet plan, when we look over our shoulder at our children --the picture is terrifying.

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Obesity -- Children

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The Frontier Wars
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 00:27:01

Land disputes, tensions about resource allocation and European wars combined to trigger intense strife and armed conflict between Maine's English, French and Native populations. The Frontier Wars were a series of six wars spanning nearly a century that devastated populations in Maine, and had a permanent and chilling effect on the relations between English settlers and Native Americans.

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Natural resources
Land Disputes
Native Americans
History - Colonial Period

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Trails, Rails, and Roads
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 00:28:01

The story of transportation in Maine is the story of the state's ongoing challenge to keep its people connected both to economic markets and to each other. Whether it's Route 113 in western Maine, US Route 1 meandering up the coast, or the once plentiful rail routes that joined every corner of the state, Maine's communities have been formed by the patterns of transportation.

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View The Lobster Conservancy
Science, Text

The Lobster Conservancy (TLC) works with fishermen and volunteers throughout the Gulf of Maine region to sustain a thriving lobster fishery through science and community. It’s approach to scientific research and public education is to actively involve stakeholders in the process of doing science, and to disseminate the knowledge obtained from such research back to stakeholders, as well as fisheries managers and scientists. TLC studies the life of the lobsters from “egg to plate” by working with citizens from “kindergarten to post-retirement”.

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Lobster fisheries
Lobster industry

Penobscot Indian Treaty
Maine State Archives, Text

Penobscot Indian Treaty.

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Indians of North America Land tenure
Indians of North America Treaties
Conflict-Stability: control of Maine, land disputes, French-English-Indians
Indians -- land rights
Native Americans
Land Disputes

History of Penobscot Indians
Fogler Special Collections, Text

Account of the "History of Penobscot Indians" by Florence Nicola Shay

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Native Americans -- History
Penobscot Indian Nation
Penobscot Tribe

Contract for shipbuilding, Samuel M. Knight, 1854
Maine Historical Society, Text

Contract for shipbuilding between Wiman and Samuel M. Knight, Falmouth, February 13, 1854.

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Contracts -- Maine
Knight, Samuel M.
Knight, Samuel M. -- Contracts
Shipbuilding -- Maine

Letter from Sumner Drinkwater to Father, Family Health & Planting
Fogler Special Collections, Text

Letter from Sumner Drinkwater to Father, discussing family health, planting, when the beans will be ready to pick, and agricultural work Sumner is doing, presumably for pay.

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Planting (Plant culture)

Interview with Rex Buzzell
Maine Folklife Center, Sound

Selection from an interview with Stephen "Rex" Buzzell of Old Town, conducted by Ann Pierter and Susan Tibbetts. In the selection, Buzzell describes the process of marking logs, reasons for doing it, when the marks were applied, and how log marks were chosen and registered.

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Log brands
Log driving

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