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MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 00:58:03

As human activity silently globalizes our world, our modern day ecology is under onslaught from spreading alien organisms. These plants and animals are capable of moving aggressively into a habitat and monopolizing resources to the detriment of other species. Can scientists help us win the war against this bio-invasion?

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Invasive species

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Climate Change: In Our Backyard
MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:56:45

Using close-to-home examples, the views of leading scientists come alive as they show how climate change can affect almost every aspect of our lives - and in turn, how we affect the climate.

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Climatic changes

Gulf of Maine Watershed Map & Gulf of Maine Summit Websites and resources
Science, Map

Interactive Gulf of Maine Watershed Map : Click on your area on the map and join the discussion; Summit site directs one to the watershed map, Summit information and Summit documents and reports, and to the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment.

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Interactive watershed maps, Gulf of Maine Summit reports and references

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MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 00:58:03

Because spring comes so late to northern New England, things have to happen quickly and profusely. Spring is the time of year that wildlife and plants come to life again and get right to the business of creating new life.

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Spring -- New England
Seasons -- New England
Natural history -- New England

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MPBN: Quest Series, Moving Image, 0:56:43

For those plants and animals that don't migrate south for winter, a lot of preparation goes into getting ready for winter. When it comes to dealing with winter, plants and animals know things we humans don't.

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Winter -- New England
Seasons -- New England
Natural history -- New England

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View Maine Wetlands Characterization Interactive Map
Science, Moving Image

The wetlands characterization is a screening tool developed to help assess which of a specific set of functions a wetland has the capacity to provide. Those functions are: floodflow alteration; sediment retention; plant/animal habitat; finfish habitat; shelfish habitat; educational/cultural value.

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Maine Wetland Characterization

Edwin H. Eddy's recollection of his visit to a logging camp, 1880
Maine Historical Society, Text

Recollections of Edwin H. Eddy's visit to a logging camp near Moosehead Lake in 1880.

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Cutler, Thatcher & Company
Eddy, Edwin H.
Eddy, Edwin H. -- Personal narratives
Eddy, Johnathan
Lumber trade -- Maine
Lumbering -- Maine
Lumbermen -- Maine
Moosehead Lake -- History

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The Penobscot Expedition and the Revolution
MPBN: Home Series, Moving Image, 0:26:45

The Penobscot disaster is usually regarded as the worst American Naval disaster with the exception of Pearl Harbor. An accidental archeological discovery in the Penobscot River sheds new light on the desperate last moments of the worst defeat of the American Revolution.

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Penobscot Expedition, 1779
History - Revolutionary War
United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783

Northeast Wetland Flora
Science, Text

Alphabetical list of 300 Northeastern wetland vascular plants including photography, drawings, range maps, and brief field marks, description, and natural history information.

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Earth Sciences
Wetland plants -- Northeastern States
Freshwater plants -- Northeastern States
Aquatic plants -- Northeastern States

Maine Aquaculture Hearing
Science, Sound

Several files with questions and discussions from aquaculture hearing, Feb. 19, 2004 E.g., Paul Anderson of Maine SeaGrant describes the upcoming 2004 Maine Fishermen's Forum; Maine Aquaculture Task Force chair Paul Anderson summarizes the findings of the Task Force.

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