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Teacher's How-to

Incorporating Windows on Maine videos into a Powerpoint slide presentation (doc) (pdf)

Incorporating Windows on Maine audio into a Powerpoint slide presentation (doc) (pdf)

Incorporating Windows on Maine images into a Powerpoint slide presentation (doc) (pdf)

Lesson Plans

What is the Relationship between Educational Attainment and Poverty in Maine?
Margaret Chernosky
World, Human Geography and GIS Educator
Bangor High School, Bangor, Maine

Lesson plan:(word doc)
Required files: (.zip) (30MB)

Student projects:

Maine Demographics

African Demographics

Child Labor

Southern Aisa Tsunamis

Windows on Maine Promotional Videos

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Islesford video (5 min)

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Do I need an id and password to view the Annenberg / CPB?

Yes. First time visitors to the Annenberg /CPB video collection are required to sign in and create an id and password. The system will remember the id and password, if you check that option, and you will not be prompted to login thereafter.

Are the Annenberg/CPB videos available in the QuickTime format?

No. Windows Media Player is required to view the streaming videos. The player is freely available for Macintosh computers. You can download a version of Windows Media Player appropriate for your Macintosh operating system at this URL.

What is the best browser to access video files?

While any browser may be used to view the multimedia collections, for larger video files, the Firefox browser shows greater success over IE in the time it takes to start viewing the files.

Downloading Video

Why does it take so long to download a video?

The "download" version of the file is not the DSL or modem quality file that plays on the site. It is a larger file in display size and download size (720 x 480). The download version can be used in a video editing program and will produce a video of decent quality.

Downloading Other Resources

All resources may be downloaded.


Are there any issues if I use a Macintosh (Apple) computer?

Mac user are strongly encouraged to use the Safari browser over Internet Explorer. Most newer Macs come pre installed with Safari. Otherwise, it can be downloaded at Other successful Mac browsers include Firefox and Chrome.


What plug-ins are required to to use the web site?

For Video: QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player

For Audio: QuickTime plug-in

For Multimedia: Adobe Flash Player plug-in